How it works

Share and follow is a simple to use plugin for WordPress. And now it comes in CDN format also.  Not only is this system simple to use it is also fully adaptable.

Just watch the video and get a quick overview of what share and follow can do for you.

But if you don’t want to wait, it does

  • All of the sharing from your website that you need to all those social networks
  • Like buttons and things like that
  • A cool slider tab on the your pages that helps people connect with you
  • Different icon size (16px, 24px, 32px, 48px, 60px)
  • Different icon sets delivered at ultra fast speeds (CDN subscription needed)
  • Widgets, autoadded stuff, shortcodes and loads of functions for programmers

Top reasons why you should upgrade with the CDN subscription

  1. Easy to setup and use

    We've designed the way the plugin works so that our mothers can use it, using the CDN is twice as easy, all you need is a subscription where we give you a API key, pop that into the admin screen and you are away, loads of new icons to choose from all with 1 click
  2. Faster loading times

    Yahoo say that a CDN increased their website load times by 20%, it will certanly speed up your site.
  3. Less data traffic

    Because it is not going back to your server for the image, it will not exchange any cookie info at the same time. thus less for the server and browser to do. So your server will be able to do more as it will have more connections available
  4. More icon sets

    Currently we've got 10 complete sets of icons for you to choose from. Next week we will have a new one for you to try if you wish, and then more to come to cover Christmas. so you will be able to make your site as much like you want as you possibly can without having to do any thing more than a couple of clicks
  5. Managed Client Cache Timeout's

    We've set up so that the client caching at the browser is lasting for 30 days, that way when they go between pages on your site
  6. Ideal for designers

    Save yourself hours of pain of setting up a new set of icons, just use ours. Soon to come, developer editions where you can install it in many locations
  7. Best for Webmasters & Hosting companies

    One domain or many domains, it does not matter, contact us direct to have a special account that allows only your domains, and has individual pricing per month
  8. You will be supporting us!

    By choosing to have a subscription you will be support us to continue the development of Share and Follow, on a code level and also on a graphic level. We want to get to 100's of icon sets to choose from, lots more social intergration, better communications tools, analytics and lots more.


Who it is for Maximum number of visitors per Month Cost per year
most sites and organizations 5,000 9.99 euro
popular sites in a niche market 10,000 18.50 euro
nationaly popular sites 25,000 45.00 euro
internationaly popular sites 50,000 85.00 euro
Very busy sites 100,000 160.00 euro
WOW! you are lucky. Over 100,000 visitors per month Come talk to us about our premium accounts with monthly usage charging.

Also come talk to us if you are a hosting company or a webmaster that wants to manage many sites at once with monthly charging.