December plans for Share and Follow – our roadmap

I am very hopeful I can clear the decks of all other work to focus on Share and Follow for a month. I’ve got so many plans for things I need to add or change in the plugin that I really need that time.

So here is a short list of the things I want to do during that time.

  • Auto publishing to at least Facebook and Twitter, want to do Hyves, vkontakte and Orkut
  • pro domains work correctly, and also ?p=123 works as well to keep branding in twitter
  • Combined stats counter for twitter, where it gets,, and all to combine in one twitter button
  • complete re-make of the like, retweet and other interactive buttons to all become the same size and shape
  • resolve titles like “share & follow” properly for twitter sharing so that it does not make it a GET variable
  • Author listings widget, and author details at the bottom of posts, including Vcard, Email, Twitter, Facebook or other social networks
  • Complete re-make of the back end admin pages to be more of a wizard with easier options for more people to use it without being bamboozled by options, very much a more graphic approach with advanced options available when wanted to techie geeks like me.
  • Increase the number of interactive buttons to include new items
  • Advert widget for CDN customers
  • Mobile and Touch device options to allow turning off of things or lowest KB delivery of share buttons
  • page/post exclusion with a tick box in the Edit Post/Edit Page admin screens

There are quite a few things here, but they all need to be done to make sure that Share and Follow stays #1 most popular Social Networking Plugin for WordPress.

Oh and it looks like very soon I will be branching out into Drupal & Joomla! as well as other CMS’s…. time to go global.

Of course you can help in this situation by either Donating or getting the CDN, thus meaning that myself and Neville the icon master do not need to get other work in for Christmas presents for our families.

All the best

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2 Responses to December plans for Share and Follow – our roadmap

  1. Ivana says:

    Hi Andy,

    First things first, I really love your plugin – it’s amazing!
    secondly, for some weird reason whenever I share a post on FB, it shows my gravatar as the image…not all though, some of the post normally shows the post’s thumbnail..any idea why? I really don’t want people to see my gravatar when they share a post on their FB.

    *I already adjusted the setup share image and waited overnight but still nothing’s changed.


    • andy killen says:


      I recommend that you set up a “Site logo” then it will default to that and not gravatar when sharing on facebook and there it not an image in your post


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