release 1.53, added friendfeed to the plugin and now 26 icons sets on the CDN

Just released version 1.53 with friendfeed, soon  to come Behance, Panoramio and Gmail among others.

Also added more icons sets to the CDN to bring it up to 26 sets to choose from.  Not bad for 9,99euro for most people, especially as it makes your site much faster.

do let me know if you have any problems.


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  1. Eric says:

    Hi Andy,
    When I updated the plugin everything seems to work fine, but in the settings section, all it shows are the videos, so no way to adjust the settings.

  2. Pavel says:

    Great plugin and thank you for creating it :)
    I have a question, I installed the plugin and added the facebook LIKE button to every post in my blog through Settings–> Share and Follow, however it seems that the count buttton does not work. Last week, when I created a new post and added the plugin, the new blog post accumulated 38 likes, but this week, when I added a new one, the new one keeps reseting. That is I click on ‘like’, it counts it as a like, and then when I leave the site and come back, it is back to 0 likes :(
    Same actually goes to the rest of my blogposts.
    Any ideas what the problem might be?
    this is my latest blogpost:

  3. Pavel says:

    Nevermind, it seems to be working now ;) please disregard the last post:))

  4. Lee Wanta says:

    The icons etcetera only show up in the browsers when I login to the wordpress admin account, otherwise the icons are missing and gone.

    Any idea?

    • andy killen says:


      very strange stuff that. I had a quick look and found that the codes for share and follow are only loading on the Kontact page and not on any other. I’m not sure off the top of my head why this would be at all, and I’ve seen most problems with wordpress. Can we keep in contact over this one. I’ll have a think overnight

  5. Roberto says:

    Hi! thanks for develope and sharing this amazing plug in. I’m having some problem with the bar follow. it doesn’t work good. I see all the icons and the bar but i can’t press the buttons… i don’t understand why. Links are setted properly.. can you help me?

    Thanks in advance!

    • andy killen says:

      Hey Roberto,

      It’s the crazy person who developed your theme, they chose to use a z-index to put the page wrapper above everything else.


      #wrapper {z-index:20 }

      which I expect to be on line 60 of the CSS of your theme

      However rather than having to edit you can just add a line to the “Add your own CSS”

      #follow {z-index:100}

      All the best

  6. algaivel says:

    I have the same problem as Pavel. After upgrade I lose all my likes for posts.

  7. occpsy says:


    Thanks again for this great plugin. I have a problem with the Follow widget since the last update. There is a superfluous at the end of the widget, and it messes up my design. Any idea how I can fix it?


    • andy killen says:

      Hey Rebecca,

      I can’t seem to see what you mean for 2 reasons,

      - when I go to the site it looks good :)
      - it looks like some of your text was removed from the post you made here.


      • occpsy says:

        Hi Andy,

        Yes, you are right, some of the text didn’t make it into my comment. I meant to say: “There is a superfluous at the end of the widget”. This basically adds an extra padding to the end of the widget which I’d like to have more control over. But glad the site looks good to you :)


  8. Thanks for a great plugin!

    One problem I see is with posts with ‘&’ in the title. I even tried ‘&’, but it doesn’t help. The code for the email icon looks like this:

    <a rel="_self" style="display:block;background: transparent url( no-repeat top left;height:32px;width:32px;" class="email" href="mailto:?subject=Deal-Digger%20Blog%20:%20Welcome,%20Sorella%20Salon%20& Spa!&” title=”Tell a friend about this post : Welcome, Sorella Salon & Spa! “>

    It’s a little hard to see, but right after “Sorella%20Salon%20″ in the href=”mailto…:” part, the code goes a little crazy. It’s should be something like “Sorella%20Salon%20%26%20Spa”, but it sticks this span in there.

    I may have another plugin causing problems, I don’t know. Let me know how I can help.

  9. Justin says:

    Thanks for such a great plugin!

    Small problem – the share icons only show up when you click to comment on a post. They don’t show up within the post itself otherwise. I have tried one other theme with the same result, so I don’t think the theme is causing the problem.

    Any suggestions appreciated.

  10. Charles says:

    I try using this module on my site. After install working fine then I’ve pressed the “Update Settings” button without modified any on settings panel and after “Share icons display style” settings have faulty. I tried restore only show icons mode does not work this option change for me. Delete and restore plugin and work fine again.
    Please check this option

    Sorry, my English not so good…

  11. Brian says:

    Hi Andy,

    I’m having an issue with the Share and Follow plugin on a theme called InFocus. I’m keeping the bar on the right side of the page. The icons themselves seem to be shifted to the right so they’re half off the screen. The text ‘follow’ and the shaded box look fine however.

    Here is a screenshot of the issue:

    The same issue occurs regardless of whether I have the bar on the left or right side. Having it on the left, the icons are still shifted to the right so it’s almost bisecting the right border. If I put it at the bottom it works perfect and if I put it at the top it doesn’t work at all. It’s the same result on PC or Mac, Safari, IE or Firefox. The plugin works great if I have any other theme activated, just not the InFocus one.

    Here is the website for a demo of the InFocus theme:

    I currently have my site down until I get a few things resolved. If you think you’d need to see it in action I can create a separate WordPress installation with the theme in place.

    Any assistance would be much appreciated!

    Thank you,


  12. Mike says:

    Hi, this plugin not validate in XHTML 1.0 Strict (target “_black”). Any solution?.

    Thank you very much and congratulations for this plugin. Very useful.

    • andy killen says:

      I took a line of best fit and so did not worry abotu xhtml strict, but do worry about all other versions of html since html v4. I will however be adding it to a future version

  13. tamboen says:

    <a href="" title=""

    how i can get cdn api key.,.to share my website??????????????????????????????/

  14. Hey Andy,

    thanks for this awesome plugin. Super easy implementation and great options.

    Saved us a lot of time! We appreciate that and will consider donating once we get something going…

  15. Patrick says:

    Is there a way to get the email portion to where I add the “From” as well as the “To” and it does not try to automatically pull up a default email?

    Thank You,


    • andy killen says:

      I did consider setting this but not as you defined but as a CC: so you can see who gets mailed. however I do not see where you will need it in the way you describe. can you elaborate?

  16. Stefano says:

    Hi Andy,
    My name is Stefano and I’m Italian,

    I have chosen your plug-in for sharing posts and news in the social networks for my top host blog many months ago from a lot of other plugins, because I believed that yours It would be the best for my needs, and it worked fine till today…when I tried to visit my home page (like an external client) I saw this message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_setopt() in /home/mhd-01/ on line 1176

    I tried to find informations about it in your answers, and I tried, for example, to change the code “644″ into “777″ in the FTP for the 2 css files (I don’t remember that names now)
    but the message it’s the same…

    I have the last wordpress version installed and the last your plugin version

    any suggestion?


  17. Stefano says:

    mmm I don’t know if you have recieved my comment…

    • Stefano says:

      bah…now I have trouble with this comment page too -_-’ (detected duplicate message?!!!?!?)

      any way…I tried to tell you that I have problems with your plugin, shortly this is the fatal error message:

      Fatal error: Call to undefined function: curl_setopt() in /home/mhd-01/ on line 1176

      and I have the last wordpress versione and the last your plugin version installed

      thanks in advance and sorry if I am not so friendly…but before I wrote a LOOOONG message and this detect system for duplicate message erased all my tentatives -_-’

      Compliments for the plug in…


      • andy killen says:

        The only reason for the curl_setopt() is so that your server can ask for a short URL. Firstly if you need to be live asap with the sharing I would turn off the option. Then I would speak with the hosting company to double check that you are running PHP5 and that curl is 100% working on your server. Once you know it is all cool then I would turn back on the options.


  18. I want to install the Follow bar, but when I enter all the links and change the settings to suit, I press Update Settings, and everything gets wiped. Only the RSS stays there.

    Any ideas?


    • andy killen says:

      Hey Merrin

      I’m not sure what would be causing that, but the best thing to try is to ……

      1. deactivate all other plugins and see if you still get the problem. if you do, turn them on again. if you don’t get the problem any more turn them on one by one until you find out where the problem is
      2. try a different theme such as the default or twentyten theme and see if it still exists.

      All the best

  19. Interactive Share Buttons: The like button, twitter button and stumble button dont seem to work..

    • andy killen says:


      please try the following

      1. turn off all other plugins to see if the problem still exists
      2. change the theme for another such as twenty ten to see if they problem still exists


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