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Change in support strategy

Due to the very high desire for support, and the expectation that it should be both free, instant & personal, from the users of the free plugin Share and Follow. I have been forced to make some changes. Personal support … Continue reading

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Version 1.60.1 released after a long break in development

After a very long break in development (I was helping a family member through illness), I have finally made a new release of share and follow. Here is a list of the things that have changed. * google plus interactive … Continue reading

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release 1.53.3 – niggle fix and clean up of ampersands

Had a couple of niggles to resolve as well as some ampersands that were in the URLS for CDN users. Here’s what has changed fixed & in CDN urls fixed & in URL of stumble uppon interactive button converted blank.png … Continue reading

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release 1.53, added friendfeed to the plugin and now 26 icons sets on the CDN

Just released version 1.53 with friendfeed, soon  to come Behance, Panoramio and Gmail among others. Also added more icons sets to the CDN to bring it up to 26 sets to choose from.  Not bad for 9,99euro for most people, especially as … Continue reading

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release 1.52.5 now out. improved CSS caching and validation

Just released version 1.52.5 which had a few bug fixes in it and some improvements. Bug fixes Tag sharing now does not put up a strange unwanted heading on the share widget Changed share widget to grab the correct email … Continue reading

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December plans for Share and Follow – our roadmap

I am very hopeful I can clear the decks of all other work to focus on Share and Follow for a month. I’ve got so many plans for things I need to add or change in the plugin that I … Continue reading

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Some direct mail requests not replied to, mail system corruption

Sadly I’ve had a mail corruption with Thunderbird this week. It has effected a bunch of mails (approx 50) before I was able to spot it and fix it. Very simple fix was just to compact the inbox and other … Continue reading

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Release 1.52.4 – you can choose your RSS feeds and also turn off print CSS support.

Release 1.52.4 is all about RSS and Printing. There are two main changes in the latest version…. 1) added the ability to choose not to have PRINT CSS, be that external or inline styles. See the menu item “Do you want … Continue reading

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Release 1.52.2 interactive links shortcode added

We’ve just added a new shortcode to the plugin that can be accessed by using the following shortcode interactive_links    (with square brackets around it []) example: this is the default.  the default options are interactive_links tweet = ‘yes’ like=’yes’ … Continue reading

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Release 1.52.1 new icon sets in CDN, Blogger Support, improved interactive button support.

Blogger is here! finally we have added blogger for sharing and following. Get it while it’s hot We’ve added 4 extra icon sets to the CDN in time with this release of the CDN. Most of them seasonal with Christmas … Continue reading

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