Using the Share Links widget

Using the share widget is very simple.  Drag it from the main selection of widgets into the sidebar that you want.

Configure it using the options in the widget menu.

  • The Title is what will appear at the top of the widget as a heading
  • The size is the icon size
  • The style is the version of icons you see, text only, text and icon, icon only
  • The direction is if it will be as a list (top to bottom) or a row (left to right)
  • The Icons to display  section give you the oppertunity to choose which items are shown on screen by selecting the check box next to the icon name you want to see. Change the text of the link by using the text entry box

After making your changes, click save to keep your changes

important: the widgets are configured seperatly, so if you have the widget in more than one sidebar (or the same sidebar) you can configure each widget differently.

51 Responses to Using the Share Links widget

  1. Susanne says:

    I have a problem with the share & follow widet. On most sites, it works fine, but when I klick the tags and am taken to the site that refers to this tag, instead of displaying the share icons, it shows me the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curpageurl() in /is/htdocs/wp1160771_30WK3W6RLM/www/syria/wp-content/plugins/share-and-follow/functions.php on line 120

    Any advice?

    • Andy Killen says:

      Hey Susanne

      Can you give me a web link of where it is failing. I’m a bit unsure of the exact place from your description.
      I see you are in Germany, maybe it might be nice to contact off list via telephone to arrange a time that we can see the broken stuff. Let me know you thoughts and if cool I will mail you direct.

      I am going (as are all at share and follow) going to be enjoying Queensday tomorrow and having the biggest party of the year, so please don’t expect much from me till sunday. :) have a great weekend

      All the best

  2. Susanne says:

    Hi Andy, thanks for the quick reply. I am actually not in Germany but in Beirut. So yes, please mail me directly, that would be great, then I send you the link.


  3. I’m getting the same error – but only on one page.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function curpageurl() in /home/btag/——— on line 120

    Yes, I wiped out the domain name. I don’t want it snooped until it’s public.

    Would love some tips on how to trouble shoot this, thanks!

    Ralph Hogaboom
    Hoquiam, WA

  4. Nutaryuk says:

    There’s no widget like that in my available widget.
    how can i get this widget

    • Andy Killen says:


      You should be able to find both the Share Widget and the Follow Widget in the Appearance menu in the Widgets section. I have just tested yet again a clean install to make sure it is giving the widgets properly and for sure it is. My advice is to double check in the Widgets section to make sure that they are not there. Of course it will not be there if you have not set the plugin to Active.


  5. Angelique says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the great plugin! I am using the widget and would like to be able to control the link that gets posted (I want it to be to my homepage rather than the post they are on).

    Is there somewhere I can set this for the widget?

    Thanks loads!

    • Andy Killen says:

      Hey Angelique

      Looking at your site I can see no sign that you are running wordpress. I also cannot see any sign or a blog or of my plugin being installed. Am I missing something?


  6. Rebecca Luke says:

    I am using this widget and have selected “icon only” but still only get all text. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Andy Killen says:

      Hey Rebecca,

      It looks like your theme is the culprit, or I’m not good enough. It’s ok either’s good to blame if you like ;D

      Anyhow. I receommend pressing the radio button that changes the images from CSS to <IMG> should get them showing. Bit I have to say your blog is looking a little un-happy in the content segment in general. I’ll have a look tomorrow and see if I have some easy suggestions to make things nice.

      all the best

  7. Rebecca Luke says:

    Thank you. We are all volunteers here and our tech developer set us up marginally and then left us to our own devices to figure the rest out. Any help is appreciated.

    • Andy Killen says:


      As soon as you possibly can change your wordpress Theme for a different one. There are many free ones on the wordpress site. The reason I say this is that if you stay with what you have almost nothing in the way of other free stuff like plugins will work for you. I say this because there are many essential things that wordpress does that are not happening at present with your existing theme.

      Please change it yourself if you can (Apperance menu, Add New Themes, and look for a 3 column theme if it is that that you want, then follow the on-screen instructions to activate it. (must be an administrator) ), and then if you need to pay someone to modify parts as you need it, but I really feel you will not need to employ anyone unless you have very specific problems to overcome.

      Do not worry about changing themes as it all uses the same wordpress back-end so can be changed as will/random.
      All the best

    • Andy Killen says:

      Hey Rebecca,

      Just another reminder to change your theme. I can see that you have done some work on the site, but it has not come good for you. And to be honest it never will. There are substantial things that are missing from the theme, the most important of those would be the existence of wp_head() in the theme, which quite obviously does not exist as there is no meta data or are the CSS links done in a wordpress style. This has a major knock on effect for you as no information that in placed in the head section by plugins will work. that is the first reason why my plugin does not work.

      It really is not worth your time/money or anything else to getting the existing theme fixed when there are 100% working themes that are free. Do not waist your time/money on a specialist that does not give you a working situation 1st time, use something free.

      The 2nd and biggest reason to change your theme is that the current one does not offer Google/Yahoo/Search engines any help in presenting your information in their rankings. You do not have a meta item called “Description” it is the description that Google and other display in their searches. Change the theme and maybe install some SEO plugin (also free) and this will be fixed.


  8. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the great plugins! I just downloaded it tonight and am implementing them.

    The Share & Follow widget works great, except when I click the Facebook button the default text that is included in the Facebook article synopsis is: “//” Rather than a blurb from the article.

    For Blog posts, the text that shows up is: “Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Tell a friend” when I click the Facebook share button.

    Is there a setting I need to change?

    Thank you!

  9. Hiking Lady says:

    Hi Andy, I downloaded the new version of your plugin, but I’m still having the same issues. Do you know how I can fix it? Thank you! :)

    • Andy Killen says:

      Hey Hiking Lady

      Can you pop into your widgets section and re-save the follow widget. should sort you out. let me know if there is still problems?

      all the best

  10. Hiking Lady says:

    I figured out the problem. When I have “Share Text” and “Link Text” as anything but blank, whatever words are there show up as this “Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Tell a friend” when I click the Facebook share button.

    So I just deleted all those words from the Link Text boxes and now it is fine.

    Thank you.

  11. Emily says:

    Not exactly a question but a request. I like your plugin the best as it is unobtrusive and one of the most customizable. One thing I’ve noticed though is that I can’t add RSS Feed into the “share” widget on the sidebar, and I’d like to. I know that sounds weird considering that it’s “sharing”, but let me explain.

    I’d like people to be able to share the entire website if they’d like, so I used the sidebar widget as I didn’t want a floating tab (which I noticed you can have the rss feed in). To keep it minimal I use icons only for this sidebar — in essence, nobody would really know if it was a follow widget or a share widget. I don’t put a title on it and people just get the idea it’s for sharing the site. The RSS feed is forced to be separate from this nice little line of icons though since it’s not a part of the share widget. It’s not SO bad right now, but it’d be great if I could just have the rss option to tack on the end of sharing possibilities for the widget so as to keep it all in a nice neat package.

    • Andy Killen says:

      Hey Emily

      I dig what you are saying and although it goes against the grain a little there have been a few requests for this. What I might do is make a 3rd widget that give you the opportunity to be more creative, not sure yet.

      All the best

  12. Jessie says:

    I am having trouble setting up the share and follow widget. When I enter the title for the links to my pages, It displays as:


    regardless of what I put into the title area. Is there a way to fix this?

    • Andy Killen says:

      Hey Jessie,

      The only thing I can think of here is that you have a werid setup in your Theme Functions.php. I believe this as you are the only person to complain of this problem.

      What you need to check is your theme/functions.php file for a section that looks like this

      'before_widget' => '',
      'after_widget' => '',
      'before_title' => '',
      'after_title' => '',

      and make sure that it has the parts for ‘before_title’, ‘after_title’ are all setup correctly. Feel free to paste it to me.

      Other than that, I would need Admin access to your site to debug the problem.

      do let me know
      All the best


  13. Jorge Varela says:


    Just installed the widget yesterday and still playing with it. So far I like it a lot and if I decide to keep it will buy you a coffee. is the site

    Two questions:

    1. The Share on posts works great in Firefox and IE 7 but the icons are scrunched together in IE 8. I’ve tried changing the size but that doesn’t work.

    2. Quite possibly a feature request as opposed to a question but here goes: How can I get the share on the homepage posts? It would be cool if the share could show up in the upper right corner.



    • Andy Killen says:

      Hey Jorge

      I’m sorry for my late reply.

      Q1: I’ll have a good look on your server at this and will comment later

      Q2: the best way to do that would be to add a “sidebar” into your theme on the homepage (either home.php or page template file ) and then in the sidebar to add the share widget. You will also need to edit your functions.php file to add the extra sidebar.


    • Andy Killen says:


      Try this CSS in your “add your own CSS”

      .post-content ul.socialwrap li img {max-width:inherit}

      if that does not work try….

      .post-content ul.socialwrap li img {max-width:24px}

      the 24px being specific to the icon size you have chosen.


  14. Cori says:

    Hi Andy

    First, thanks so much for the Share and Follow plugin. I’m still getting used to it but so far it’s doing well.

    One problem I’m having is that my share widget still shows the bullet points above the icons, even though no text is shown (i.e. “icon only”). I suspect this is a theme issue. Any ideas?


    • andy killen says:

      Hey Cori,

      This is comming somehow from your theme, please give me a link to your site so that I can observe it and give you a fix


  15. Kris says:

    Great work.

    I’m having a bit of a problem with the Setup Share Image section. I have entered in a link to an image on gravatar in the “Site Logo Setup”.

    I have selected the radio buttons for “Site Logo” on the Who, What, Where section.

    However when I go to click on the Facebook share icon at the bottom of a post, the image does not come up as part of the preview post.

    What am I missing here?


    • andy killen says:

      Hey Kris,

      I’ve had a look at your site and at the moment it is using your gravatar image at all possible locations (homepage and posts pages). If this is your intention, then it’s working correctly and only facebook playing up as it does sometimes. If not then I think you need to review the settings you have entered a correct url for the field marked “enter image URL” under the heading “site logo setup”. At this time it looks like somewhere you have setup everything to be gravatar based and not site logo based.

      Do be aware that Facebook will cache Share Images for up to 24hrs before it changes to show what the current one is. This is done on purpose by facebook to keep their site as fast as possible. So if you make changed here, check back in 24hrs to see if it works.

      If you can’t wait 24hrs and are feeling like you are able to read HTML, then view the source and search for the text string “image_src” and in the href=”" bit will be the current URL of the image that facebook will use next time it caches.
      Kind regards

  16. wordpress newby says:

    I recently installed your share and follow plugin for WordPress. Everthing was going fine until I started using a custom menu. I am using the WordPress Twenty Ten theme. I believe I switched the home page to a static page and renamed my blog page. Somewhere I think I messed up.

    Now when i click the RSS on the “Follow Us” tab it just links out to a message that says ‘page not found (404).

    Also, I have set up a feedburner account so I could utilize the features it has to offer.


    • andy killen says:

      Hey wordpress newby,

      Thanks for your questions, I expect from reading this that there is an issue with how you’ve integrated the FeedBurner stuff into the WordPress Blog and not the Share and Follow plugin.

      What wordpress does is use a thing called “hooks”, the share and follow plugin hooks into the RSS feed of your blog by using the get_bloginfo() hook using this one, it asks wordpress what your site has setup for RSS, RSS2 or ATOM. i.e. get_bloginfo(‘rss’); would return

      It is possible via another plugin to re-program where this link goes to. i.e. point it at feedburner

      So I would think that the problem will lie with the URL that you have entered for your feedburner account, in what ever plugin you have used to re-write the RSS url.

      If you need further help with this, do please send me your URL for you site.
      Kind regards

  17. John says:

    Hi Andy,

    I just setup a new blog that went live this morning, . Everything seemed to be working properly until I was demonstrating the Twitter functions to my wife. I am having problems with the Share Widget. The Sharing works fine under Posts, but the Widget is having a problem with Twitter.

    Where it should be using my Blog name, it is using a Post title instead. It is one from about 2 months (10 posts) back. The link at least seems to be pointing to the blog home instead of the post. I have the Widget on both the right side and the bottom of the page. It does the same thing from both.



    • andy killen says:

      Thanks John,

      I’ll have to look into that one, it should default back to your homepage for the twitter share when using it in the widget from a “blog” page with many posts, or just the post when doing it on a single page. BTW: that that post from months ago a sticky one?


      • John says:

        It only happens from the Home page. The description next to the mouse button while hovering over the Twitter icon is correct, but when you click on it, the Title of that Post is used instead of the Blog. The Post is the final one that appears at the moment. It works fine from other Pages and Posts (using the Page or Post title).



        • andy killen says:

          thanks for the feedback. I think we may need to look at a loop reset to make things work correctly. I’ll be back soon with info

  18. Louis says:

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the awesome plugin.

    I am trying to make the share widget (and possibly also the follow widget )wider so it will fill in my sidebar completely and display more than 4 icons next to each other.

    Assuming this could be done by CSS, what code should I insert and where?

    Thanks for your time


    • andy killen says:


      Your always going to be a victim of Maths. Your sidebar is only so wide, each of the icon is a certain width and they also have a spacing element to them. your best bet is to work out the width of the sidebar, and then divide by the icon size and spacing you want. it will tell you if it fits.

      Of course you will always run into the problem that the most right one has a margin on the right of it. this will stop you butting up against the side completely if you add any element spacing at all.

      Either way you will need to look at the naming of your sidebar and then do something like this in your css

      #sidebar ul.socialwrap li {margin-right:2px}


      #sidebar ul.followwrap li {margin-right:2px}


  19. Robin says:

    Hi, thanks for the great plugin.

    In the Share widget, is there a way to change the order in which the icons are displayed? On my site, Twitter is last because it is ordered alphabetically, but I think that it should come before something less common, like LinkedIn for instance. Any help? Thanks!

  20. paul says:


    great work you got there..

    I got a question on the “share” part…instead of putting the ‘share’ at the bottom of all my post…how do i set it similar on the right side of my website (similar like your ‘follow us’ on the right side’..

    any coding involve?

    • andy killen says:

      massive amounts of both wordpress and CSS coding.

      you need to use the my_share_links() template tag as well as CSS to put it to the side with I expect your own DIV to hold it all.

  21. paul says:

    i’m testing the Share & Follow plugin and i notice something when i share it to my facebook..

    when i click on ‘share’ option to facebook…how do i get the featured photo to be posted up instead of my own photo on a few of my post?

    under ‘Share & Follow’ setting..i have check on Post>Image on Post> (under Setup Image Logic)..

    • andy killen says:

      Paul are you using the wordpress media library or just putting IMG tags straight in? For this plugin to work best the wordpress media library must be used

  22. Jon Le Roux says:

    Hi there,

    This is a great plugin, which I also use on another site I own ( but for some reason I have an issue with the share feature. When you click Diggit or Stumblr, etc they don’t recognise the URL as there is a “:” inserted into the URL after ‘’. For example –
    Can you help please?

    • andy killen says:

      Weird stuff Jon. It gets the URL from the get_permalink() setting of wordpress, so it should be ok. are you sure you don;t have a weird javascript installed???

      strictly URL speaking : should make no difference in the place you have it as it is used to define the port. and will defaul to port 80 which is the one people use to read webpages….

  23. Jane Jiumaleh says:

    My blog name has an ampersand in it and the share option, “Tell a Friend” opens an email that truncates the name of the blog. Any ideas for a work-around?